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Friday, February 25, 2022


CHARIOT OF THE GODS comes out in exactly two weeks, on FRIDAY 11 MARCH. Oh yeah!!!

Click on this link to:
a) pre-order a digital stream on the day of release
b) order a 14-track CD version
c) order a limited edition 17-track double-vinyl album version

The streaming and CD versions are identical however the double-vinyl LP also contains the non-album single ‘Hung Out To Dry’ as well as two newly-recorded “cover” songs.

The reason we included extra songs on the vinyl was because there was too much music to fit on one LP and not enough for two. As a result, vinyl lovers get a bonus (but the 14-track version is the complete album in our eyes).

Friday, January 21, 2022


The latest Hoodoo Gurus album, CHARIOT OF THE GODS will finally be available on FRIDAY 11 MARCH, eight weeks from today. The album contains 14 tracks and it includes the four singles already released (in date-reverse order) CARRY ON, WORLD OF PAIN, GET OUT OF DODGE and ANSWERED PRAYERS.

We are also announcing that on THURSDAY 10 MARCH, the night before the album is released, there will be a special ONE-OFF LIVE EVENT during which we will play the entire new album completely LIVE IN THE STUDIO, to be broadcast over the internet. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy (not to mention expense) putting fancy production touches on our latest studio effort but we are so confident in the strength of these new songs that we are letting everyone hear the entire album for the first time completely unvarnished, performed by the four of us absolutely live.

Follow this link to find out more and to pre-order the album and/or buy a ticket for the E-Stream event:

If you pre-order the digital download version of the album you’ll get automatically receive downloads of the four current singles right now.

Alternatively, you can order ‘Chariot Of The Gods’ on the CD or vinyl version (along with other related band merch. as a bundle) right here:

IMPORTANT NOTE: the limited edition two-disc vinyl version of  the album contains three extra tracks, including the non-album single HUNG OUT TO DRY as well as TWO OTHER BRAND-NEW TRACKS unavailable anywhere.

Monday, December 6, 2021


Yes! We are releasing a brand new single today – and what a great way to start the week.

I wrote ‘Carry On’ before the pandemic but it’s development was very much affected by it. After releasing ‘Answered Prayers’ at the end of 2019, we were keen to get back in the rehearsal studio and start working on songs for our next album in earnest. ‘Get Out Of Dodge’ and ‘Carry On’ came up quite early in the rehearsal process and both songs immediately struck us as having something special and we couldn’t wait to get into the studio and record them.

Unfortunately COVID-19 had other plans for the world and we we all went into total lockdown for a few months. During that time we only got to talk to each other over Zoom, which was not exactly conducive to rehearsal and recording rock ’n’ roll songs. I know that it’s possible to make music remotely but for a living, breathing rock group like us we need to feel the energy that circulates between us when we’re playing together. That is actually the most important thing we try to capture on record and on stage.

Eventually we were able to crawl out of our hidey holes (though we had to return again this year) and despite the interruptions we managed to record a few singles as well as finish our next album. That’s coming out next year (in a couple of months) but right now we’re proud to present ‘Carry On’

It’s a song about doing the best you can despite “the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” (as Shakespeare put it). Whether it’s co-workers who make your life harder or the world in general, sometimes you just have to dig deep and get things done to the best of your ability even though you know your efforts may go unrewarded and unappreciated. You’ll know what you achieved, and that’s the most important thing.

Here’s the link to the song:

And here’s the video (WARNING: this content may disturb some viewers):

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